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Once upon a time an adventurer, our dad, a spirited traveller, chose to go across the boundaries.


On his marine vessel, with only luggage, dreams and a spirit of adventure for company, he sailed along, far from his home, towards a remote and mysterious sea.


At dawn when the wisdom start to guide you, his ship stumbled upon the welcoming and generous lands of the Philippine Islands.


He found a simple hut for home, and transformed it in paradise.


Luxuriant flowers and smiling people ensured the happiness that we all long to find.


From the behalf of your children, your family and your friends... 


Marion and Tom



Thanks to all our team, Bryan (happy manager), Marivic, Lea and Rose (kitchen and house), Nono and Mervin (garden and pool), Nino (Kun-fu master), and Itac the dogboss.


Thanks to Benoit Mauduech for both of the picture all over the website ( and to Manu Batifouf for the new logo...



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